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Business Strategy

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Course Description:

Do you sometimes wonder how best to define your business purpose?
When researching other organisations’ marketing approaches, do you have a systematic approach?
Do you have a systematic process to review how you have brought in customers to date?
This course on business strategy gives you the key processes to enable you to: draught a high-level business strategy easily, to position your business, to audit your competitors and industry so you can differentiate to look at how to acquire clients to draught personas to attract customers and to present proposals in the most favourable way.

Specifically, we look at:

  • Purpose and positioning
  • A four-stage audit process for internal or competitor analysis
  • Client acquisition audit
  • Creating personas
  • Three-tiered proposal

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Define the importance of a clear business purpose and articulate methods to effectively position a business within its industry.
  • Develop a systematic approach to conduct a comprehensive audit of both internal strengths and weaknesses as well as competitor analysis to identify unique selling points for differentiation.
  • Explore methods and frameworks to evaluate current client acquisition strategies, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Understand the significance of personas in customer targeting and learn to create detailed customer personas for effective marketing strategies.
  • Learn a structured approach to craft compelling proposals, understanding the essential elements required to make them persuasive and favourable.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants can articulate a clear business purpose and apply strategies to position their business effectively within the market.
  • Ability to conduct a comprehensive audit of both internal and competitive landscapes, identifying unique differentiators for effective market positioning.
  • Improved ability to evaluate and enhance client acquisition strategies through systematic auditing and targeted improvements.
  • Capability to create detailed customer personas, enabling precise and effective marketing strategies and customer engagement.
  • Participants can create persuasive and comprehensive proposals, enhancing their ability to win over clients or secure favourable outcomes.

These learning objectives and outcomes aim to empower participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop and implement effective business strategies, allowing them to position their businesses strategically and attract and retain customers successfully.

Resources & Assessment:

  • The course provides a range of resources to support learners and facilitate the application of acquired knowledge.
  • The course incorporates a comprehensive final assessment, known as the ‘Course Test’, designed to evaluate participants’ understanding of the essential concepts covered throughout the course. Upon successfully passing this test, participants will be awarded a course certificate.