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The Significance of soft skills in todays classroom
The Art of Constructive Feedback
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Business Skills
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Course Description: Do you sometimes wonder how to structure a digital marketing strategy? Is it confusing which type of content is going to work b...
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Business Skills
1hour 15min
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Course Description: Do you sometimes wonder how best to define your business purpose? When researching other organisations’ marketing approac...
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Industry Skills
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Course Description: The course is designed to provide teachers with a comprehensive understanding of resilience and equip them with practical strat...
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Course Description: Effective communication provides clarity, builds trust, builds better relationships and stronger teams. It provides direction a...
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Lead launch trainers

Anthony Balkwill

Anthony Balkwill is an English Teacher by profession and, for many years, was Head of School of the Falcon School in Nicosia, Cyprus, a reputable pre-primary, primary and secondary English-speaking private school.

Tiffany St James

Tiffany St James is a UK leading Digital Strategist helping Boards and C-Suite with Digital Transformation and Corporate Digital Strategy. She ran a decade of digital change programmes in the UK Government, is the former strategic lead for Social Media for UK Government joining up 32 central government departments and first Comms Director of Directgov.

Samantha Webster

With a background in Human Resource Management, Samantha has had the great fortune to experience an enormous amount of variety in her work, not only in terms of the roles she has had in HRM, consulting, communications, and sales and marketing but also in the industries she has worked in from blue chip to manufacturing, in events and catering and in the education sector. She has lived and worked in Africa and in Europe working with people at all levels and thrives on variety and diversity.

Maria Kyprianou

Maria Kyprianou is an English language teacher with over ten years of experience. Her extensive experience in the infants, primary and secondary departments of private institutions in Nicosia has not only enabled her to hone her craft in varied educational settings, but has also given her the opportunity to work with a diverse population of students from all around the globe and with a wide range of ages and proficiency levels.

Eloise Leher

Elle is an avid communicator, author, speaker, and artist with the ability to communicate complicated concepts creatively and simply. She has invaluable experience in teaching a variety of subjects at leading International Schools in Frankfurt am Main, Cape Town and Bulawayo. She enjoys the energy that comes from teaching children of diverse cultures and has a passion for seeing young people discover their potential.

Sara Noble

Sara Noble is an Instructional Design Coach, and Director of Smart Chalk Consulting. She is passionate about all things educational. She has extensive experience and training in IB PYP and is a qualified teacher trainer. As a committed life-long learner, classroom teacher and a pedagogical leader, she possesses a particular interest in curriculum design and implementation, instructional best practice and collaboration through mentoring and co-teaching processes.

Gustav Louw

Gustav is an experienced instructor specialising in supporting educators. With a background in rehabilitation training, special educational needs, community support work, counselling, and tutoring, Gustav brings knowledge and expertise to his courses.His courses are specifically designed to support student inclusion, safeguarding, holistic well-being, and mental health through a combination of theory and practical applications in the classroom.

Keith Parker

Keith is a native Londoner, who has lived in Cyprus, Gibraltar and Hungary. Having worked for DEVELOR since 2004 Keith has been in the training field for more than 16 years’ experience. Keith has delivered training in more than 20 countries, from the USA to Uzbekistan and from Iceland to UAE with a focus on Leadership, Communication, Sales and Cultural Understanding.Global companies such as T-Com DHL, Merck, HP and IBM select him for his passion and energy, versatility, multi-cultural understanding and ability to adapt.

Edward Evanson

Edward Evanson is a languages teacher with ten years’ experience of teaching children as young as 5 and adults as old as 95 in English, Spanish and German. He has lectured in Teacher Training at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg and taught various subjects in Chile, Cyprus and Germany, giving him a high cross-cultural adaptability and fluency.

Johnny El Helou

Johnny is a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD), from the Association for Talent Development ATD in the US. In 2013, he co-founded TAWJIH, a private company for training, coaching and consultancy, working with the private and public sectors as well as NGOs on talent development and performance improvement projects and programs.

Mazen Yachoui

Mazen is a Certified trainer and Trainer of Trainers with an engineering and humanitarian background having extensive experience in instructional design, training, entrepreneurship, humanitarian sectors as well as community services. Mazen is a partner, trainer, and consultant at TAWJIH, a private company for training, coaching and consultancy, working with the private and public sectors as well as NGOs on talent development and performance improvement projects and programs.

Mike Gershon

Mike is the author of more than 40 books on teaching, learning and education, including numerous bestsellers. He has written over 90 guides covering different aspects of classroom practice and his work has been translated into Dutch, Welsh, Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese.



Teaching is a rewarding profession, but it’s not without its challenges. One of the most common hurdles educators face is maintaining a …


Teaching is a rewarding profession, but it can also be incredibly demanding. As educators, you often prioritise the well-being of your students, …


In today’s ever-changing educational landscape, being a dynamic and creative teacher can make all the difference. When you bring creativity into your …


In the bustling world of education, there’s an essential quality that often gets overshadowed by academic goals and lesson plans: empathy. As …

Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills in the Classroom - A Teacher's Toolkit

All teachers should understand the importance of nurturing critical thinking skills in their students. After all, these skills are not only vital for academic success but also for navigating the complexities of life beyond the classroom. In this article, we’re going to explore some simple tips you can use to foster critical thinking in your […]

The Significance of Soft Skills in Today's Classroom

What Are Soft Skills, Anyway? First things first, let’s clarify what we mean by “soft skills.” In simple terms, they are the non-technical abilities that enable us to navigate the social and emotional aspects of life effectively. These skills encompass communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, empathy, and more. While they might not be part of the […]

The Art of Constructive Feedback: Helping Students Grow

As educators, one of the most significant roles is to guide your students toward growth and success. One powerful tool in achieving this is providing constructive feedback. But, let’s be honest, giving feedback can be a bit of an art form, and mastering it can make a world of difference in your students’ learning journey. […]

Building Resilience in Students - Strategies for Teachers

Resilience is a crucial life skill, and as teachers, we have the unique opportunity to nurture this quality in our students. It’s not just about helping them bounce back from setbacks but also about equipping them to navigate the challenges life throws their way. Here are some practical strategies for teachers to build resilience in […]